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Premium SMS

Premium SMS is the ideal way to charge your consumers for a broad range of services for which it could be very difficult or even impossible to charge with other payment methods.

Consumers can purchase mobile content (videos, games, applications etc) and other entertaining or informative services by being charged directly to their mobile phone bill without the need to use credit cards, send bank transfers etc.

Premium rate SMS shares the same concept with a normal rate SMS but it has one unique difference. The end users are billed by sending SMS to a Premium Rate Short Code with a specific tariff (e.g. 2 EUR/SMS), to download the desired content or to request for a service.

MOBİL SERVİSLERİ VE ÇÖZÜMLERİ can provide you with Premium Rate Short Codes of different tariffs in several countries, enabling you to sell your content and services to hundreds of millions mobile subscribers through one single unified platform.

Contact us today to send you our rate cards for the countries of your interest and to show you how you can use MOBİL SERVİSLERİ VE ÇÖZÜMLERİ's Premium Rate SMS service to start making huge profits.

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