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SMS Communication Platform

MOBİL SERVİSLERİ VE ÇÖZÜMLERİ offers end-to-end Bulk SMS solutions since 2002. With our multiple direct SMSC connections with operators spanning over 5 continents, we provide our customers with high quality SMS delivery all over the world. MOBİL SERVİSLERİ VE ÇÖZÜMLERİ has a global reach of more than 1135 Mobile Operators worldwide and we continuously expand our coverage to even more networks to enable our customers reach their end-users no matter the country they are in.

Having built strong business relationships with network operators and carriers, allows us to aggregate Bulk SMS traffic in large messaging volumes, thus offering the lowest prices possible.

MOBİL SERVİSLERİ VE ÇÖZÜMLERİ stands as an intermediary between SMS aggregators, small companies or large enterprises and the mobile operator world, helping our customers avoid the complexities that arise when working with Bulk SMS mobile messaging services. This allows our customers to spend their resources on their core business rather on trying to solve difficult technical problems that have to do with different operator technologies and standards. As a Bulk SMS messaging provider, MOBİL SERVİSLERİ VE ÇÖZÜMLERİ has developed its own SMS Communication Platform which is able to deliver the messages that our customers send via our system to any operator network worldwide, in a reliable, fast and cost efficient way. Our SMS Communication Platform supports virtually all available communication protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, XML, SMPP and SS7, allowing any enterprise to use our SMS gateway regardless of its system's technical infrastructure.

Our customers can use our outbound Bulk SMS service (MT-SMS) to deliver messages to networks in more than 220 countries (and territories). Features like delivery reports, support of ported numbers, alphanumeric originator and long SMS messages are included as standard.

SMS Communication Platform Features

  • Output of 1200 SMS/sec per route (an overall capacity of 23000 SMS/sec)
  • Delivery Reports at no extra cost
  • Global Network Coverage of over 1135 GSM networks worldwide
  • Dynamic Alphanumeric and Numeric Sender ID
  • Support of simple, personalized and non-personalized text messages (160 characters)
  • Support of Unicode text messages (69 characters) for non-English text (Turkish, Chinese, Arabic etc.)
  • Support of Binary content (pictures, videos, ringtones, group graphics etc)
  • Full Portability support
  • Clever Routing
  • Load Balancing Architecture
  • Fully Redundant Setup
  • Dedicated, world-class Infrastructure

Make sure you check our Developers Area for instructions and examples on how to integrate our services in your existing system and ask for a test account today!

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